Auto Care

Vehicle Maintenance is Always a Priority,
Learning the Basics can save you money


Check your belts

At the front of your engine there will be a series of rubber drive belts that loop around various pulleys, driving everything from the alternator to the a/c compressor. Rubber perishes, more so in extreme conditions like those found in an operating engine bay. Get your timing belt and accessory drive belt checked every 25,000 miles, preferably replacing it every 50,000 miles. See the Fuel and Engine bible for information on interference engines and why checking your timing belt is a necessity, not a luxury:


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Fuel Economy

Check your tire pressures regularly – once a week is ideal. Bad tire pressures can affect fuel economy very noticeably. It’s easy to do and there is no excuse not to.

Checking your oil level

This is something everyone can do – it’s quick and easy and it’ll tell you if your engine needs oil. If the oil is too high or too low, it can cause trouble for your engine. To check the oil, park on level ground and wait until the engine has cooled down after driving, and then locate the dipstick. Pull it out and wipe it clean, then push it all the way back in until the top of it is seated properly in the dip tube again. Wait a moment then pull it out again. Check the level of the oil. If it’s between the high and low marks, you’re fine. (If it’s too low, add a little.) The high and low marks can be denoted by two dots, an “H” and “L” or a shaded area on the dipstick. The photos below show a Honda dipstick which has the two dots. Why not just read the level first time around? The first time you pull the dipstick out, it will have oil all over it and it will be difficult to tell where the level is. That’s why you need to wipe it on a rag to get a clean dipstick, and then dip it back into the oil to get a good reading. More information on why you should check your oil level is here

Checking your coolant level

Again, something everyone can do. The coolant is the other thing your engine cannot go without. Every engine is different but if you check your handbook you should find where the coolant reservoir is. It will normally be bolted to one side of the engine bay or the other, and be a white semi-transparent bottle. Wait until your engine is cool and take a look at it – the outside should have ‘low’ and ‘high’ markings on it and the level of coolant inside should be between the two.
Do not take the radiator cap off to check coolant levels. If the coolant system is still hot then it is still under pressure and the pressure release will burn you.

Wheels and Tires

Clean brake dust off regularly

Brake dust contains all sorts of nasty stuff. If you leave it too long, the combination of road grime, moisture and heat from your brakes will bake it on to your wheels. Brake dust normally clings to wheels with static electricity so a damp sponge and clean cold water is the best way to get it off.

Check your tire pressures

Check your tire pressures regularly – once a week is ideal. Bad tire pressures can affect fuel economy, handling and comfort. It’s easy to do and there is no excuse not to.

Check your tread depth

Bald, slick tires might be good for motor racing but they’re no good on the road. Most tires come with tread wear bars built into them now – find one, examine it and if your tread is too low, replace your tires. Four new tires might seem expensive but they’re cheaper than a fine or an accident.

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Here is why People Love Euro Motors Auto Services
Doru Constantin
Doru ConstantinGoogle User
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Vitalie is very knowledgeable and takes his job very serious. He goes above and beyond to give the best customers experience. I highly recommend him.
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This is the only shop I will take my cars to. They are honest, fast, and reasonable.
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Unfortunately we have had to bring both of our Infiniti's and our Acura here but we keep coming back and send all of our friends here due to the honesty or shop and speed in which it takes them to get your vehicle back to you. No 2 month wait here!
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The BMW Stealership wanted $2,500 to replace a transfer case actuator motor, did my research and found this is a common issue with a $50 "NYLON" gear that wears out. Purchased the whole Transfer Case Actuator Motor and brought it to Euro Motors, they did a GREAT job installing it and gave me the old part to see the issue, saved me over $1,800. Will be bringing my wife's BMW back for any service needs.
Valerie Levenchuk
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We just had our hybrid battery replaced and the service was fantastic. Everything was just as promised. Turn around was very quick. Prices was the cheapest around. Customer service was just outstanding. I will definitely go back and recommend to everyone.
Evangeline Rodriguez
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If you have a BMW..this is the best place to have it serviced. This guy is amazing!! He shows you the used parts and explains why they